A downloadable game for Windows

This is the concept demo for the psychological horror game that will be releasing for PC with oculus rift support. Currently the game is only in pre alpha and this concept demo won't have oculus rift support, but the final game and final demo will have VR support.

This is a full remake of Silent Hills P.T. with a few added differences.


Your name is unknown and you wake up in a house that you've never seen before. maybe it's just a trick of the mind or maybe you are in hell. travel down and discover the story of this house and find a way out . . . if you can.

Controls: WASD to move, E to interact, Esc or P to pause, I for inventory, Left Click for attack

Credits: Assets taken from tf3dm.com, sounds from YouTube and freesounds.org

Remember this is just a concept demo and has no direct relation to the main title, it is just to test the mechanics and for practice it won't be in the final version of the game.


Lost Hope (Concept Demo) V.1.03 733 MB

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Played this game as one of the games i played for my Halloween Special! And gotta say the game was really unique and it looked really pretty! Hope to see a full version soon! 

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I enjoyed the game? It doesn't matter how many stars it has? I thought it was a fun little experience.